UnMasking The Illusion


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man wow, people are asleep 😴 follow the government just like a 🐑 hi-jack of humanity wow it’s deep wearing those 😷 they cannot even breathe 🧘🏽‍♂️ mainstream media is hard to believe fear is the biggest contagious disease 🦠 the mind controlled call it conspiracy sending them love, coz they just cannot see 🤷🏾‍♂️ we all live in our own reality 🧠 but do not impose your dogma on me we live in a realm that they can not see my body’s not government property ⛓ censored on yt and also fb and after that they think that they are free ? claiming that it is for their own safety 😂 now i’m laughing at the sad comedy 🤣😭 Hook let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️ hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭 one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️ no mind control, we see through that biz 👁 WE ARE FREE BEINGS x4 not connected to their divinity when their sick they go to the pharmacy 💊 not realizing the power of herbs 🌱🍄 they do what they’re told, call it the herd 🐑 they do not even question or research 🧐 when they do it’s scientism at work 💉 that’s why we’re here to bring in the new earth 💛 dissolve the mind control started at birth 📚 our mind creates our reality ⚛️ in the matrix, they cannot see 👁 even if it’s right in front of their eyes 👀 i’m grateful to see what is beyond the lies at least to have an inquisitive mind 🧠 we are now living in amazing times they wanna implant you with microchips don’t do it if, it’s not your wish slave planet human farm ⛓ transcend beyond this harm x2 more are seeing what’s going on time for a new civilization x2 Hook let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️ hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭 one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️ no mind control, we see through that biz 👁 WE ARE FREE BEINGS X4
HUMAN RIGHTS MAINSTREAM MEDIA USES hysteria TO MAKE you PANIC r they scarying ya SO THANKS TO THEM women and men WE COME TOGETHER TO make it BETTER it looks like governments lost their way do they even listen to what we have to say the truth comes into the light now the youth sees through all the lies wow was covid made in a lab in wuhan who financed it ? was it a foundation ? wearing those masks, is it effective ? if so why did you not wear it before covid survival rate higher then the flu so why social distance if this is true ? 99 percent for survival rate how much bullshit will they obligate social distance is based on fear separate humans so they don’t get near it looks suspicious if you ask me was it all a plan for a new ID to further enslave humanity and pretend that it’s for our safety but now we see with clarity the new earth that we want to see // HUMAN RIGHTS // a new society where we are free to choose for ourselves how we wanna be vaccinations are a personal choice freedom of speech with our voice we unmask all the media lies we see through ALL OF theIR disguise some say that 5G is conspiracy so how do EMFs affect our body i heard that it sends millimeter waves that eliminates oxygen in a way that targets the lungs like covid they say that it can be used to depopulate i do not know if this is true but if it is we are been lied to is this an orchestrated plandemic ? create covid to make us panic ? the perfect enemy is one you cannot see like terrorism, viruses and 5G if we get sick we go through it if we survive we r now immune to it herd immunity let it spread freely so we can become immune and live freely without the media propaganda what politicians need is proper ganja the decisions that governments make also effects their own family so why do they make poor choices they should listen to OUR voices mainstream news look so ridiculous how does one believe that circus 🎪? people are smart, see through the lies protest in the street for you to realize that we don’t agree with your decisions that make no sense to the situation people will RISE to their freedom we live with purpose we live with reason // HUMAN RIGHTS
mainstream media full of lies they try to put fear in our minds but we see through / the deception us the people we’re in action inspired to write these words i can sense a shift occur there’s more people becoming aware of the control, so they share we are now in a new earth of unity / with the diverse mainstream media has an agenda we see through the fear propaganda actually you are safe if you’re in fear meditate and recognize that your divine a powerful being that’s beyond time // hook // we are here to speak out our truth we can see through the lies they start we stand up for this life with heart // social distance brought us closer i was shy now I’m bolder wearing a mask, smart or dumb ? less oxygen / going to your lungs herd immunity / logic to me logic to sweden / let us be my role is / to awaken the minds to show what is in between the lines we’re all learning / from one another certain views tend to bother vaccinations are a business the monopoly on a sickness that you can create in a lab file the patent benefit fast false evidence appearing real censorship to stop the reveal // censor to / control the mind but we see / through it this time freedom of speech / you have a voice open mind we have a choice covid-19 looks like a scheme we can see it live on screen it kills less people then the flu and for that they wanna inject who ? they say it is bad to have it i say it’s good to survive it best way to be immune to it ask dr judy mikovitz vaccines can spread disease spread this fact, they are not at ease what they heard they believe i question this reality
THEY DON’T WANT US TO BE HUMAN VACCINATIONS ARE A CHOICE I HAVE MY OWN WILL I DO NOT TRUST BILL OR THE MEDICAL FIELD THEY MAKE MONEY ON YOU BEING SICK AND MANY PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS many are scared to speak their own mind but this is the time for our voice to shine you are not alone i am here too Now is the chance to express our views wearing a cheap mask but tell me how come ? it blocks new oxygen to enter your lungs the good thing about wearing a mask is to hide from face recognition fast // hook covid 19 kills less then flus they boost death rates and call it truth the laws they invent make no sense they don’t want us to be human // no authority tells us how to live if we don’t agree we create our way to live it is now illegal to be a human being they went too far we’re awake as light beings freedom with our health we choose for ourselves how we choose to be because we are free where is democracy ? is it illusionary ? awakening our mind so we can be free governments 2 people we all need love social distancing ? what we need are hugs the human touch is our very essence with or without distance we’re here with our presence // hook covid 19 kills less then flus they boost death rates and call it truth the laws they invent make no sense they don’t want us to be human // covid 19 killing less then flus boosting numbers but we see the truth the dark agendas are now on the surface mainstream media tried to make us nervous but we see through all of your lies we are all one human race rise we have to lead with positivity sovereign beings we live to be free make our choice for our own health you can sometimes heal by taking deep breaths i’ve done it many times reset the immune with our own body we become in tune it’s not all dark we are bringing light nature is healing again shining bright and now we see this hole thing is a joke no matter what do not loose hope for a humanity free from tyranny with our own choice for our body // hook covid 19 kills less then flus they boost death rates and call it truth the laws they invent make no sense they don’t want us to be human


WILLPOWER shares his views on the gigantic events of the year 2020, going into 2021.


released July 21, 2020

Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Production: WILLPOWER
Artwork: WILLPOWER / Ben Plefka
Executive Producer: Anonymous




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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