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I'M HAPPY 03:34
I’m Happy Willpower on the mic I got this to be in our joy’s the topic I am the truth living from the heart you know in my life I just make art and I engineer, I make my own tech Willpower you know that I dissect this life in a way that is untold unforeseen, it’s me, you know I’m bold right now, I’m all up in the nature LifeForce, you know I’m the flavor I’m the flavor you need with your soul in your spirit you know I take hold of the energy that flows through me it’s up to me to see the beauty the pure power, it lives within me live with love, smile and be happy I’m happy just to be x 4 Willpower on the mic I got this Fire is my element, hot shit you know how I do, I’m on the grass what is time ? I’m future and past I live in the present, right now you know that my style is pure wild because I am free in my spirit flowing in my body, hear it here we are on this mission of life but I take my time, feel right rushing too much leads to stress I take my time coz we blessed keep on going coz you never know when you’ll overcome an obstacle open your heart to the miracles if it drags you down then just let go I’m happy just to be x 4 Willpower on the mic I got this No matter what we’re in this to pop shit meaning that we’re to manifest what’s in our heart, we do our best if it doesn’t work out it’s ok because we wake up to a new day each moment of life is a new chance to redefine our life now let’s dance i choose to let go the mental fears everything is ok now and here i know it may seem like it’s crazy but my mind defines reality so how can i shift the way i see to empower me positively there’s no limit to what we can be let’s do what makes us happy I’m happy just to be x 4
i feel the pain, rushing through me i feel like . i should just not be here on earth i do not belong here i can never . meet people that I resonate with and i connect with willpower comes from the staarrs hook I realise, it’s about the mind I shift my perspective and i shine I create my own paradigm finding the peace . in the chaos time to release . if you exhaust your energy . in the survival It’s a new me . it’s a revival as we transform . through what we live we are reborn . feels good to give it’s a transfer . a form of currency like a dancer . that’s flowing freely imagine it . then activate if it all falls it opens a new gate new possibilities and new dimensions loose everything to go through transformation we see through . the veil and the game using the light, heat of the flame to reclaim our divinity follow the guidance living within me hook I realise, it’s about the mind I shift my perspective and i shine I create my own paradigm everything is good . we’re doing well happy as we should . as you can tell because despite . the dark in the world we activate . our jewels and our pearls refracting light . everywhere we go sometimes it gets dark and emotional that’s when are reminded to let go and transmute it into a golden glow that shines so bright, it just dissolves all the perceptions the fears of it all we are supported . we’re not alone haven’t aborted . although we’ve flown through turbulence finding the calm meditate, palm to palm gratitude attitude fortitude that’s my dude hook I realise, it’s about the mind I shift my perspective and i shine I create my own paradigm yes we are here . live in the flesh it’s time to cheer . feeling so blessed look at the beauty . it’s all around so magical to be making this sound it’s time to dance . groove . get down get on up . like james brown you gotta body . move it and shake any way you can with a smile on that face jammin’ so hard we’re turning up the place women moving to the rhythm and bass I’m on the dance floor and moving with pace ecstatic dance . we’re in a trance feel the enhance . wow what a chance to be here now . vibration’s immense feeling happy . with so much joy electrified . just like a coil hook I realise, it’s about the mind I shift my perspective and i shine I create my own paradigm
we are here to be free i do what ignites me here I bloom . here i come i am the moon . i am the sun I am in tune . I am the one outa the womb . it has begun erase the fear . and manifest with confidence . i be the best this is a test . can u uplift we make progress . we are a gift you could be dead. but you’re alive love is the force that’s why we thrive sometimes I - feel the pain the mind is in fear, creating rain when in fact, the sun is here find the beauty, coz it’s right here smile, laugh, stay with the light keep taking action, trust in your sight hook: we are here to be free i do what ignites me — take a deep breath — expand your chest — extend your arms — put palm to palm keep on moving body ‘round keep on dancing rhythm and sound shake the low, vibrations out visualize release the doubt embrace, who you are set your own pace, ur a star i c u, shining so bright i b u, in my own light in my own dark, i catalyze in my own heart, i magnetize live beyond, and connect give, be on like gadgets hook: we are here to be free i do what ignites me unity . diversity live to be . to be free to express . without fear of judgement . from the rear no one has it figured out all one, in out my heroes died, I’m still alive my friends in suicide they in my heart . every night when i do my art . they are my light solar punk . tech shaman soul and funk . vegg ramen gather around . pray with my tribe barefoot on ground . raisin the vibe eat very little . to keep the flow of energy . into a glow hook: we are here to be free i do what ignites me
MAGIC 03:31
Willpower LifeForce I get on the mic and you know what i do i be living at night living at night and create in the day what i do in a day just makes you say hooray i do not stop . yes I create when the beat drops . it’s time to say what’s on my heart and what I see us being free M.I.N.D. i feel the struggle and feeling the pain and i feel the love too, but without stormy rain plants cannot grow it turns into a drought we overcome all challenges and then we sprout it’s all about . the perspective i turn it out . with my heart I give gotta be patient .and continue i come from the ancient . also the new THE MAGIC OF LIFE we prophecize and we bringing the wise look deep into my eyes and you can see the rise of the flames that are burning with passion i trust the process and I’m flowing with action sometimes I’m . deep in the dark it activates . in me a spark ⚡️ healing triggers . due to the trauma i like it calm . i don’t like the drama why do you choose hell when you can choose joy why do you try to use people just like they’re toys why do you deceive and lie for the cheese what happened to integrity and saying please every situation gives me a lesson no need to feel bad you just received a blessing honesty / integrity diversity / vulnerability THE MAGIC OF LIFE how to make life . a paradise in the unknown . like a pair of dice until they’re rolled, it’s time to roll i surf the waves . instead of control we’re powerful true warriors of light instead of giving up, i follow what feels right guardian angels and walking with spirit we channel our higher voices u hear it ? we see through the illusion of the matrix it all dissolves once we stand up and face it we see the things that most people don’t we hear the things that most people won’t but more and more . are awakening up their 3rd eye . see through the lies we are so amazing that it is crazy do not suppress your gifts due to the control baby THE MAGIC OF LIFE
Hook: WAYSHOWER i show the way to transcend the programming of society WAYSHOWER i show the way to perceive reality from a much higher place 🦧❤️✨ i’m in a higher state of consciousness so the things i say they just don’t get i show how to break out of old believe systems with love trust in your own body’s resonance your energetic field is your guidance opening new dimensional fields no longer fear putting down your shield i hold higher fields in my body anchoring that frequency for everybody my body is vibrating higher affecting all those i encounter it’s not enough to just feel we gotta be to expand your field don’t just feel joy be joy like a kid with a brand new toy Hook: WAYSHOWER i show the way to transcend the programming of society WAYSHOWER i show the way to perceive reality from a much higher place 🦧❤️✨ we have to be the example use the power of our mental to live it everyday i speak my truth and i say things that open up minds i plant seeds and in time they will - sprout new sights now they’re - seeing more light there is no need for us to fight my words carry more might I’m strong grounded powerful live in action every hour full i don’t tell people how to be but for sure i stay me no need to impose how i see i simply express it freely Hook: WAYSHOWER i show the way to transcend the programming of society WAYSHOWER i show the way to perceive reality from a much higher place 🦧❤️✨ letting go of control surrender instead of hold to the moment this now in the flow with the wow follow your higher guidance trust with heart alignment i live outside OF the herd i speak but am i heard ? who will vibe with this track who gets the content of my rap ? we are WAY beyond our race beyond skin hair face WE R 1 with all life we have won we have life yes I trust abundance life is like a fun dance Hook: WAYSHOWER i show the way to transcend the programming of society WAYSHOWER i show the way to perceive reality from a much higher place 🦧❤️✨ i trust in the unknown with ease and grace i am shown and guided through this journey in the magic of the world see this path is about courage surrender trust as we nourish our body with thought immortal like thoth from 3D to 5D higher reality remember who u r u r 1 with all the stars i live outside the way of hu ma nitay anchoring the 4D love lives within me living new ways of being living new ways of seeing i live in the unseen but now it’s live on screen even if they stay lower i stay high i’m a WAYSHOWER Hook: WAYSHOWER i show the way to transcend the programming of society WAYSHOWER i show the way to perceive reality from a much higher place 🦧❤️✨
NO DOUBT 04:04
I have fun when I rhyme to this beat you know me I just love to just beat my hands in the concrete to the drums this is how i do yo here i come let go of the things that don’t feel good you know you gosta be in your hood to be in your own vibe your own zone it’s how we do together or alone so keep on high vibing having fun it’s so amazing to feel the sun it’s the best time to get nourishment from its rays its pure enrichment relationships . are like food nutrition . for our mood no matter . what they say find the love . in your way hook everything will workout just believe with no doubt dance all night dance all day this is how i do I’m here to play and i connect with all my good friends this is how we go there is no end to how much fun we can just all have you know how i do coz i then grab cold pressed juice water fresh fruits it’s time to get that money that loot without money you cannot survive well actually it’s not all true i do manifest many things without loot it’s the flow of currency the root chakra . to survive and thrive . be alive head high . and then rise they criticized . but I fly hook everything will workout just believe with no doubt regular jobs haven’t worked for me people chose not to hire me what’s the way how am i gonna make money that i need to operate no matter what i cannot loose faith somehow there will be some kind of way should i give up on what i worked for let go what I own and go explore life like a nomad travel around spend time in nature and on the ground start a new life without possessions what would that be like I’m just guessing guess i will soon see what happens i wonder what’s the point of living if you’re unhappy in the system let go . find your rhythm hook everything will workout just believe with no doubt
UR AMAZIN' 03:31
we’re up in here we’re having fun we’re connecting under the sun we’re jam packed the music’s loud dance to the sound i’m feeling good, i like this vibe i’m feeling like this is my tribe i’m feeling fresh, i’m feeling high i feel the rise of energy in my body from others i feel frequency i sense their field quite frequently so much i see i’m inspired, by all the styles the body art, i see the smiles I’m just chillin’, they walking by we look in eyes hook you’re amazing x 6 U R blazin’ it’s all about your energy beyond race connectivity We R 1 . under the sun yo here i come 1 blood 🩸 old and young i show love . to everyone every race we r 1 here 2 have fun we redefine , humanity not what it was, what it can be yes we include . everybody L.O.V.E they asking me . where you’re from from nowhere . and everywhere i am spirit , I’m eternal we’re na tur al hook you’re amazing x 6 U R blazin’ sometimes . relationships drown like . sinking ships challenges . that r born make us transform how strong , is our bond it’s revealed . i am healed i surrender . to the flow i let it go no fear . there’s no death find the love . in your breath rise above . all the rest just do your best find a way to survive i see through so many the lies Willpower on the rise i magnetize hook you’re amazing x 6 U R blazin’
PASSION THRU ACTION I’m so tired of being alive with barely with enough to survive wanted to die now i wanna thrive felt lonely, dying inside now I know I gotta change my mind I gotta keep seeing from my higher mind higher mind is what I see so I can create a new reality hook Will pow wer lifeforce of course i am source i go for my passion through action live satisfaction get the pain out make sure I let it out coz u know it’s gotta get out cannot keep that shit inside scream and shout don’t let it hide willpower’s on the microphone no matter what i gotta hold my own yeah that’s right i felt all alone but now I stay powerful in my zone hook Will pow wer lifeforce of course i am source i go for my passion through action live satisfaction I am barefoot on the grass yes I’m grounded get in that ass but these women don’t want the truth they want the bullshit they don’t want that juice I’m that real, I’m that power 💥 every minute every hour so yo go get yours i’ma get mine to be with me you gotta over shine hook Will pow wer lifeforce of course i am source i go for my passion through action live satisfaction i live from my heart and spirit no need to fear it get near this is how i evolve ey very day of my life i say what i feel what i wanna achieve i imagine and i believe so i roll my sleeves and then get it on willpower i gotta be strong hook Will pow wer lifeforce of course i am source i go for my passion through action live satisfaction
FLY 03:45
bring the joy back in my essence you can feel it all in my presence smiling like the moon when in crescent 🌙 feeling smooth like the caressing on the skin yeah that’s a blessing i’m still alive yeah it’s a blessing i keep on manifesting my dreams in ways that i could not have foreseen sometimes i’m so challenged that i scream it’s not easy here as a light being i rose above the impossible give me complex i make simple meditation eat very little finding balance right in the middle keep on dancing move to the rhythm see those goals go out and get em Hook: tears falling down get up from ground get up rise high coz god ur fly I’m so proud of myself it’s crazy they don’t see me but i amaze me i be about some shit they don’t see to me they appear all so 3 D listen to the all words that come out it’s actually coming out their mouth neva mind i besta close my ears get back to my own atmosphere everything is so beautiful here i create magic out of thin air look at the trees the plants feel good inside in my own trance hook: tears falling down get up from ground get up rise high coz god ur fly keep on going keep taking action 1 humanity no more nations erase war decentralization invasion colonization freeing ourselves from enslavement love and compassion are the language stand up / speak your voice hands up / we have choice b u / be true to what lives inside you don’t let them control you education / intimidation no more fear over here make my voice clear live from the heart they want to take our soul but we smart hook: tears falling down get up from ground get up rise high coz god ur fly
I flow, to the beat I grow . thru concrete I do . what i love come here . get this hug willpow . wer on mic i do . what i like i make what is hype i take what is right for me harmony excited hormones be delighted . welcome b this is where . we can be who we are . from our heart we are stars . from the start so let’s keep going far we get deep in this y’all hook we live from love here we are . here we be with the magic . we are free and we . rise above with good vibes and the love if they send us hate we rise above above coz we great we alchemize dark energy into cre . ativity but sometimes it got tough when they try to challenges us it’s a great opportunity to work on our triggers and be on another level . with energy keep on talking your positivity keep visualizing what is to be keep on voicing love frequency hook we live from love I follow the vibe the energy of the tribe i live in the unknown where miracles are known to happen all around so i remain sound meditate elevate until i levitate i give major thanks i like to be frank honesty is the way it dissolves all the fake it’s the love we embrace rise above with ease and grace looking deep in each other’s eyes we connect and realize hook we live from love
will power on the mic yeah that’s right, I’m flowing at night I’m here with the moon, under the stars yeah here we are i do my thing in june yes, i come through and I bloom like the flowers in the spring gemini yang yin yeah man, with my heart my whole life is art i do what i love do it everyday do it every night what else can i say you know I spray like paints on walls in the street, coming thru yall yeah that’s right we do it strong we r 1 we gotta bond yeah balance inner peace it’s what it’s about the inner chi let the energy flowing through you the deepest breaths are flowing through yeah that’s right breathing way deep in and out less sleep coz we full of energy more prana, you and me passion with every breath still alive not death R.I.P. Nobody TMNK wit me I Be here still Willpower, I build I sense who is high vibe that’s how I recognize my tribe i am all alone in a high vibration yeah that’s right so high they cannot see you or I well you they can but not me i be that man 3rd eye so we can see willpower, here 2 b they’re not ready for this level they’re satanic with the devil they don’t like the light they like the dark they like to fight they like to brawl they like to hate but I come through and shake all that up with that love that is in my heart with hugs nothing’s wrong negative wanted to die now i wanna live want to give it all i got coz i realize that i’m hot that i got, the power in me to change the way that i see to whatever i want and wish lifeforce life is a gift see the gift x3 even if in shit see the gift x3 as we uplift


Let go of your dreams. Let go of what makes you suffer. For some reason, my passion keeps me on a path that is not easy, due to that, magic happens after a lot of inner pain, suffering and growth.

I made all the music and recorded everything on my iPad in garage band. All of it. It's a fun and more direct way for me to make music. Using a Macbook is a longer process which feels less intuitive because of the trackpad versus the touch interface of the iPad.

Wearing a mask out of fear of a virus is a joke to me because of the over exaggeration of the situation. It is a violation of my human rights. This made me feel like I no longer wanted to live in society, as my liberties were violated. I'm curious to see what decisions I made from here on out. More decentralized platforms, currencies and ways of living outside of cities.

I always view the yearly the plandemics as planned global attacks because of my studies of the corrupt medical system which makes money on vaccines, as well as the distorted ridiculous mainstream media. The most fascinating aspect for me is that a good 90% of the population is mind controlled and subconsciously indoctrinated to do what they are told without questioning and doing there own research when they have the greatest encyclopedia in the palm of their hands at all times. It seems to be a way of bringing the world into a new order.


released June 2, 2020

Executive Producer: Anonymous
Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Production: WILLPOWER




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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