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Woman of The 21st Century


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Expressing myself as what I see as being human and spirit destruction.

This Spoken Word piece was inspired by living in LA and seeing artificial beauty such as fake tits on so many woman. As a man, seeing fake tits turns me off because it looks like plastic. It's bouncy and rubbery. I did not understand why women would go to such extremes. For me it ruined being with a woman. I did not understand how someone would mutilate themselves for sex, money, work, attention, or any other reason because it is unnatural. I wanted to express my view as a man who sees women as the most beautiful beings in the multiverse. I am doing this for all the women who feel like they are worthless if they don't have big tits, bigger lips, bigger asses, and all this nonsense. I always loved small tits, and I never enjoyed sex as much when a woman had fake ones. Many women feel the pressure to get surgery because they want to look more beautiful, but what does that really mean ? When beauty is just physical, it is what I call 'Surface Beauty'. What makes a woman's beauty whole is her warmth, her heart, her personality, her voice, her body language, her attitude, her perspective on the world, her purpose as a human being, and so on. I actually most of the time prefer women who may not be considered 'hot' by most but who to me have more beauty in them. I am very attracted to the physical as well, but it it's just Surface Beauty, it's all just for animalistic sex, and it never goes far for me because I'm deeper than that. Another thing is that sex is a powerful exchange of energy. If you are have this power exchange based on looks alone, then what are you sharing with one another ?

~ Willpower LifeForce


released October 1, 2011

Recording Artist: Willpower LifeForce
Writer by: Willpower LifeForce
Musician: Willpower LifeForce
Engineer: Willpower LifeForce




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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