from UnMasking The Illusion by WILLPOWER

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By imposing the wearing of a mask that is proven to lack efficiency, our Human Rights have been violated. Our own ability to choose for our own health has been violated. The idea that it is to protect others is a farce.

Wearing a mask can restrict the lungs and hemoglobin from receiving higher levels of, and higher quality oxygen. According to research I’ve seen, this virus attacks the hemoglobin... so wearing a mask limits what the blood needs the most... oxygen 🌬 . I find it healthier for the body to take deep breaths rather then wearing a cheap inefficient mask in general. I wonder if social distancing + wearing a mask 😷 heightens the risk of not being immune enough to such a virus due to the lack of oxygen which creates a weakened immune system on top of a more sterile body uncapable of defending itself due to the lack of contact with pathogens. Catching the flu is a part of life. It is not a bad thing to have the virus, it is actually good as it is the only way to develop antibodies against it. Immunity happens through contact and exposure. Fear is the biggest disease here, contagious through mainstream media. After 20 minutes, the air within the mask becomes polluted, and they keep inhaling it into their lungs and up their sinus. If you are in fear of catching a virus, you should only wear the mask once before replacing it; and you need a real mask, like the ones graffiti artists 👨🏿‍🎤 or firemen 🚒 use.
If you fear a virus which causes respiratory issues, the top priority would be to stop smoking cigarettes 🚬... This seems more important than wearing a mask which can create additional lung issues due to the lack of oxygen you are now inhaling. Especially when the survival rate of this flu is around 99%. I think wearing a mask can indeed prevent from making contact with foreign agents, but the contact is how we become naturally immune. This is basic logic. Even the country of Sweden 🇸🇪 took this approach. For the masks to be effective, you need to replace it after each use. Once you’ve touched it a few times and it’s been in the air, it has made contact with billions of particles. Microscopic viruses can enter your eyes as well as the side of those cheap masks. Eventually, your fingers will have touched it all over the place. I’ve personally always worn scarves to protect myself from cigarette smokers, cars, people’s perfumes and toxic cleaning products, so this is not new to me. I just find that enforcing people to wear masks, a violation of their own freedom to not wear one. For those who say that wearing a mask 😷 protects others, it’s based in fear and I don’t think fear should be the reason behind such an action. The immune system is designed to deal with this, so I let it do its job so that it can keep me adaptable, flexible and strong. I don’t know how effective my approach is, but it’s my personal understanding. Health Freedom is our birthright, we are not animals in a farm 🐮... or are we ? We can shield 🛡 our body with deep breathing and positive thinking. Ever heard of the placebo affect ? Have you educated yourself on how powerful your mind is ? Have you experienced miraculous healing like I have ? If we get sick, the body heals on its own if we get out the way and let it do its work; but I know this is too advanced for western science and people who only do what they are told while having never experienced self healing. Instead, the educational system teaches to be subservient and dependable like a slave. Yes, death 💀 can happen at any moment for anyone. Wearing a mask prevents me from breathing normally, I therefore consider it potentially dangerous and harmful.
All these masks and gloves will add massive pollution to the oceans and landfills.
Sanitisers do not kill viruses. Viruses are not alive, therefore cannot be killed by an antimicrobial / antibacterial sanitiser made with mostly alcohol which acts like an antibiotic. It contains harmful chemicals and the alcohol can damage your skin by making it too dry. It can make your first line of defense weaker, as it is killing the rich microbiome living inside the human skin. It will kill beneficial bacteria which was making the body stronger… remember, your skin is your largest organ. When you put a sanitiser on it, the harsh toxic chemicals it contains will also enter your bloodstream and attack your immune system… as you inhale it, those chemicals will travel up your nostrils, into your brain, now becoming a danger to your neurons. Why do you think industrialised environments have many cases of brain degenerative diseases ?
A positive aspects of the masks is less bad breath and spit in my face 😂 💦
Another one, is to witness the large majority of people who obey without questioning and doing their own research. Another one, is seeing those who are convinced that it is what everyone should do. Another one, are the ones who think they are saving humanity. Another one are those who are afraid to express themselves because they know that speaking your truth can trigger people as it can challenge their reality. It’s so fascinating to me. A lot more entertaining then any video game or a movie 🍿 We are the movie ! We are the video game ! I love the diversity of perspectives that we all have. Each one of us is a piece of the whole puzzle 🧩
For those who follow without deeper inquisitive critical thinking, you inspired to write this.

Freedom and our humanity are at stake. It is obvious that the current situation is used to turn this planet into a human farm. People all over the world can see it, while many remain asleep.
We know what time it is. The time to alter our path has come.

WE R 1



USES hysteria
r they scarying ya

women and men
TO make it BETTER

it looks like
governments lost their way
do they even listen
to what we have to say

the truth comes into the light now
the youth sees through all the lies wow

was covid made in a lab in wuhan
who financed it ? was it a foundation ?

wearing those masks, is it effective ?
if so why did you not wear it before covid

survival rate higher then the flu
so why social distance if this is true ?

99 percent for survival rate
how much bullshit will they obligate

social distance is based on fear
separate humans so they don’t get near

it looks suspicious if you ask me
was it all a plan for a new ID

to further enslave humanity
and pretend that it’s for our safety

but now we see with clarity
the new earth that we want to see




a new society where we are free
to choose for ourselves how we wanna be

vaccinations are a personal choice
freedom of speech with our voice

we unmask all the media lies
we see through ALL OF theIR disguise

some say that 5G is conspiracy
so how do EMFs affect our body

i heard that it sends millimeter waves
that eliminates oxygen in a way

that targets the lungs like covid they say
that it can be used to depopulate

i do not know if this is true
but if it is we are been lied to

is this an orchestrated plandemic ?
create covid to make us panic ?

the perfect enemy is one you cannot see
like terrorism, viruses and 5G

if we get sick we go through it
if we survive we r now immune to it

herd immunity let it spread freely
so we can become immune and live freely

without the media propaganda
what politicians need is proper

the decisions that governments make
also effects their own family

so why do they make poor choices
they should listen to OUR voices

mainstream news look so ridiculous
how does one believe that circus 🎪?

people are smart, see through the lies
protest in the street for you to realize

that we don’t agree with your decisions
that make no sense to the situation

people will RISE to their freedom
we live with purpose we live with reason




from UnMasking The Illusion, track released June 28, 2020
Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Production: WILLPOWER




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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