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from UnMasking The Illusion by WILLPOWER

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Since the beginning of time, humans have built immunity by touching one another. this is done by being in large groups, hugging, giving each other daps & pounds. Swapping microbes is how we have developed our immune system for thousands of years. now, all of a sudden, we have corporate powers using western science to separate us with the hopes of not only making billions with vaccines, but trying to stop the spread of a virus but the harder the restrictions, the more it seems to spread… in other words, isolation in urban environments does not seem to work. on top of that, we are not connecting in groups as humans to build immunity to this virus. I think that mainstream has had the wrong approach to this issue from the start. Perhaps, I am wrong… but them taking our freedoms and humanity away in the name of protecting us is fear-based, illogical and deeply concerning. I understand the fear people have, especially as hospitals often unsuccessfully heal people. This is why natural ways must be looked at, because we are all different. They are looking for the 1 solution that works for all and then want to impose it on everyone, but it does not work that way. What works for one person can kill another. They do not understand health. I think it’s because the medical industry is controlled from the top and is profit driven on the stock market. Eliminating the masks, curfews and social distancing rules can potentially save lives in the long run and bring back our humanity, which is based on socializing. The tight masks make me suffocate, which is an obvious health risk and makes no sense to me. The hand antibacterial liquid harms my skin, but of course, they do not care about those they hurt. Social distancing has made my life slower with not events to go to, which has made life less stressful because there are less events to attend. This is not all bad. It is actually a global gift for us to learn and grow together. Since I question everything that looks fishy, it opens the door to searching for the real reasons why our freedoms are being taken away, if it does not work in terms of slowing down the spread. I think the vaccine business which controls much of the global media and lobbies most forefront politicians, is linked with what is happening. I stand for Human Freedom. Medical Freedom. This is what WE R FREE BEINGS is all about. This is what my work is about. It is about having an open conversation. Censorship by big tech opened my eyes. It made me see that they do not want us to think for ourselves and think that they have the only solution possible, which is illogical when we understand the nature of the Universe. It is our birthright to have free expression.

On one hand, we are trying to protect ourselves by social distancing, but social distancing can lead to isolation, which can lead to sadness, then depression and even suicide. The mask can maybe save a person from sending and receiving a disease, but it can trigger other health issues due to a lack of oxygen breathed in and inhaling the toxic chemicals of the mask, as well as inhaling trapped air, our own carbon dioxide and tiny particles.
I love to question because I feel a care for humanity.
Independent businesses have been destroyed during these times because regardless of not being able to operate, bills still have to be paid. It has empowered elite corporations / industries and destroys many small businesses. Many indivisuals have thrived during this time of restrictions. For me, I started learning about decentralization, blockchain, decentralized finance, and privacy on the internet. I got rid of my mac for Ubuntu and deleted my facebook/instagram and twitter accounts. These times give birth to new amazing innovations, it is not all bad. No matter what direction is pushed on everyone, human imagination, creativity and ingenuity finds new ways to manifest positive solutions. At the same time, people have been sick, some died, so these times can be extremely heavy. The fear of death and attachment to this physical life reminds me that we are infinite souls, living beyond this human experience.
In these times, many question their life, which can create new conscious openings. I started seeing how vital the human touch and human connections are… Some lost everything, only to find out that they can create something new from nothing… it is a deep process of letting go.
I’m going through it everyday. At times, it feels like walls are caving in, but I am aware that great things can arise within myself through the process. It also made me realize how much I want to keep thriving and living amazing experiences… I find it powerful to focus on the positive aspects and remind ourselves of our blessings…

Much love ♥️

WE R 1 ♥️ ☝🏾

If there is one thing that making the ‘Unmasking The Illusion’ EP taught me, it is to be brave, have courage, and if you’re gonna make music, make it mean something. ⚡️ We are all learning each day, so let’s been caring and loving towards each other, especially if we express different understandings.

Get EP here: www.Willpower-Music.com

— WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE ♥️🖖🏽✌🏼☝🏾🙌🏻🙏🏿♥️



USES hysteria
r they scarying ya

women and men
TO make it BETTER

it looks like
governments lost their way
do they even listen
to what we have to say

the truth comes into the light now
the youth sees through all the lies wow

was covid made in a lab in wuhan
who financed it ? was it a foundation ?

wearing those masks, is it effective ?
if so why did you not wear it before covid

survival rate higher then the flu
so why social distance if this is true ?

99 percent for survival rate
how much bullshit will they obligate

social distance is based on fear
separate humans so they don’t get near

it looks suspicious if you ask me
was it all a plan for a new ID

to further enslave humanity
and pretend that it’s for our safety

but now we see with clarity
the new earth that we want to see




a new society where we are free
to choose for ourselves how we wanna be

vaccinations are a personal choice
freedom of speech with our voice

we unmask all the media lies
we see through ALL OF theIR disguise

some say that 5G is conspiracy
so how do EMFs affect our body

i heard that it sends millimeter waves
that eliminates oxygen in a way

that targets the lungs like covid they say
that it can be used to depopulate

i do not know if this is true
but if it is we are been lied to

is this an orchestrated plandemic ?
create covid to make us panic ?

the perfect enemy is one you cannot see
like terrorism, viruses and 5G

if we get sick we go through it
if we survive we r now immune to it

herd immunity let it spread freely
so we can become immune and live freely

without the media propaganda
what politicians need is proper

the decisions that governments make
also effects their own family

so why do they make poor choices
they should listen to OUR voices

mainstream news look so ridiculous
how does one believe that circus 🎪?

people are smart, see through the lies
protest in the street for you to realize

that we don’t agree with your decisions
that make no sense to the situation

people will RISE to their freedom
we live with purpose we live with reason




from UnMasking The Illusion, track released June 28, 2020
Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Production: WILLPOWER
Artwork: WILLPOWER & Ben Plefka




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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