from UnMasking The Illusion by WILLPOWER

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I was inspired and supported by a friend to write this song and the EP “Unmasking The Illusion”. What triggered me was the mask mandates, the mainstream fake news fake science mind control of the global population, the governments in bed with the medical industry, wearing a mask to protect others while even if true to a certain degree should not be mandated, big tech’s censorship of truth with the fact checkers which are all fake, their bias community guidelines, the fear-based disinformation that controls people, my humanity and human rights (whatever that means) being stolen by governments and corporations to further enslave the human race in an Orwellian dystopian digital slave system... All for our safety right ? 🤣

This track is about freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to choose for our own health and how we show up in the world. It is about the mainstream not brain washing us with fear. We don’t impose our understanding on them, so they have no right to impose their senseless beliefs on us.
‘WE R FREE BEINGS’ is inspired by our will to be free as human beings not bound by a restrictive totalitarian technocratic delusional dystopian agenda. This is a call to Human Freedom as our birthright and the unmasking of the global deception and truth suppression through censorship of all kinds. 😷

‘They’ do not want us to congregate. ‘They’ want to control us through our minds via ridiculous mainstream news, the educational system, the medical system, censorship of real information, using us as a human farm… using us for our energy and resources just like what they are doing to the earth, destroying it until it’s gone and they turn this planet into dust. If we do not question and believe what we are told, we live in the comfortable life they have designed for us… But this to me is the worst path one can take… Speak your truth, be part of the co-creation of an Eutopia, instead of feeding the dystopia we are directed into. It is up to us to choose, but first comes awareness, which is where the battle is staged.

Much love to Star Seeds and those who understand my message. ♥️
Much love to those in the Matrix who don’t get it as well. ♥️
WE R 1 ♥️ ☝🏾

If there is one thing that making the ‘Unmasking The Illusion’ EP taught me, it is to be brave, have courage, and if you’re gonna make music, make it mean something powerful. ⚡️

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man wow, people are asleep 😴
follow the government just like a 🐑
hi-jack of humanity wow it’s deep
wearing those 😷 they cannot even breathe 🧘🏽‍♂️
mainstream media is hard to believe
fear is the biggest contagious disease 🦠
the mind controlled call it conspiracy
sending them love, coz they just cannot see 🤷🏾‍♂️
we all live in our own reality 🧠
but do not impose your dogma on me
we live in a realm that they can not see
my body’s not government property ⛓
censored on yt and also fb
and after that they think that they are free ?
claiming that it is for their own safety 😂
now i’m laughing at the sad comedy 🤣😭

let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️
hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭
one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️
no mind control, we see through that biz 👁


not connected to their divinity
when their sick they go to the pharmacy 💊
not realizing the power of herbs 🌱🍄
they do what they’re told, call it the herd 🐑
they do not even question or research 🧐
when they do it’s scientism at work 💉
that’s why we’re here to bring in the new earth 💛
dissolve the mind control started at birth 📚
our mind creates our reality ⚛️
in the matrix, they cannot see 👁
even if it’s right in front of their eyes 👀
i’m grateful to see what is beyond the lies
at least to have an inquisitive mind 🧠
we are now living in amazing times
they wanna implant you with microchips
don’t do it if, it’s not your wish

slave planet human farm ⛓
transcend beyond this harm

more are seeing what’s going on
time for a new civilization

let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️
hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭
one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️
no mind control, we see through that biz 👁



from UnMasking The Illusion, track released June 23, 2020
Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Production: WILLPOWER




WILLPOWER Berlin, Germany


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